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Nothing much to do with wine, but Fly Fishing is a grapecircus passion. #justsaying


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Domaine de l'Ecu

At L’Ecu, muscadet is not simply a crisp white to enjoy with oysters. It is a textural, serious, terroir-driven wine to rival the best of Chablis, Burgundy or German riesling.

Muscadet de Sèvre et Main ‘Classic’

Precise citrus and quince aromas with a distinct mineral edge. Elegant and racy in structure, showing clearly delineated lime and pink grapefruit flavours with fantastic depth.

quick facts

APPELLATION: Muscadet Sevre et Main AOP
STYLE: white
GRAPE: melon de bourgogne
FARMING: biodynamic
FERMENTATION: stainless steel
MATURATION: stainless steel
FILTRATION: unfiltered

Domaine de l'Ecu

Nicknamed the ‘Pope of Muscadet’, Guy Bossard was one of the pioneering forces of organic and biodynamic viticulture in the Loire. He has since passed the reins to Fred Niger, who shares Bossard’s passion for biodynamics. Domaine de L’Ecu has been in Guy’s family for five generations, and when he took the reins in the early 70’s, he applied for organic certification right away, converting to biodynamics in the 90’s. At L’Ecu, muscadet is not simply a crisp white to enjoy with oysters; it is a terroir-driven wine with cellaring capacity to rival Chablis or Burgundy, though at a fraction of the price.